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Maximizing Social Media marketing Impact in Newcastle

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses in Newcastle to create awareness, but many struggle to utilize its full potential. it’s challenging to keep up with constantly evolving trends and algorithms. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t make it because identifying the right platforms for your target audience is crucial. Without a strategy, brands can fall behind.

Our team of social media agency experts knows how to navigate these challenges effectively. We analyze your brand, your target audience, and your competitors to develop a tailored social media marketing strategy. By identifying the best platforms and leveraging engaging content, we ensure your brand stays relevant and your message resonates with your audience. Our collaborative approach involves your team in the process, ensuring seamless integration across all departments.

Engaging Content for Real Results

Generating organic engagement is becoming increasingly difficult, and many brands struggle to create content that truly connects with their audience. Directionless marketing and irrelevant content lead to low engagement and can even harm your brand’s reputation. Understanding your target audience is essential.

We focus on your customers and craft content that resonates with their needs and interests. By analyzing your top-performing posts and social media conversations, we gain valuable insights to develop a buyer persona and create content that speaks directly to your audience. Our reels, posts, and influencer collaborations drive engagement.

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Change in trends and Cultural Relevance

As social media evolves, so do consumer expectations. The rise of the metaverse and emerging technologies present both challenges and opportunities for brands. Meeting these expectations requires authenticity and a proactive approach. Staying stagnant can lead to irrelevance in a rapidly changing algorithm.

Yes, there are lots of social media marketers out there who will create posts and reels without understanding the brand which hurts your brand’s reputation, and it won’t be enough to impress humans or algorithms.

The fact is that bad social media content hurts your brand identity, especially in the e-commerce sector. Poor scheduling annoys followers often to the point where it damages their trust in your brand and your products.

Our strategies are rooted in your brand’s values and advocacies, allowing you to connect with consumers on a deeper level. By understanding the cultural relevance of your brand and implementing them into your brand’s identity, we help position your business for future success.

Ecommerce Revolt is more than a social media marketing service in Newcastle, we are your partners in success.


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We have an in-house video editor to create short reels as well as youtube videos explaining products with attractive infographics incorporated.


Our designers and writers collaborate to create awesome graphics to engage customers.

It depends…

We set targets to measure progress such as engagement, followers & conversions. We set up all the accounts and start running campaigns first and after a month, we charge. Have a short call for a detailed quotation.

We got you covered!

We share analytics regularly from all platforms such as Meta to map where we are and where we can grow more.


Customer Satisfaction at Its Best

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say about their experience with us.

Najiba Rawal CEO at Skriblbox

They developed our e-commerce website, integrated payment methods and worked on SEO. We're ranking on the #1 page for our main keywords in Dubai. Happy with their awesome work, Recommended!

Orianna Lacey CEO at Vancouver Yacht Life

Ecommerce Revolt nailed it! They were excellent in communication and genuinely committed to improving things rather than discarding them. Highly recommended!

Ansley Sykes Founder @ Popsy Clothing US

They know their stuff! They built us a beautiful website that perfectly matched our brand's personality and helped us attract more customers online. Their SEO services have also been a game-changer for our business, driving more traffic to our site and increasing our revenue.

Hamid Raza Bagheri CEO at Jinamart

We were able to achieve high conversion rates, as well as high rankings on Google search results. They managed the project very well, was very responsive, and stuck to the timeline. Their time management was impressive.

Josh Khokhar Key Marketing Manager @ USEO

Mustafa is really great at his job! The team is very skilled at planning and coming up with strategies, pay close attention to details, and are always focused on making things excellent. I'm really happy with their work and hope to work with them again in the future.

Michael Willis Project Manager @ IDE Dubai

I worked with Mustafa & team on multiple projects, and each time they've delivered exceptional results with their expertise in strategy and planning, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence.

Sorin Coman CEO at TT Society

They built our website with professionalism and were always available whenever needed. Their team had solutions for everything, making the entire process smooth.

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