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10 Sales-driving Features for Your E-commerce Website

10 features for ecommerce sales driving

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Since the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been a massive surge in online shopping as people are keener to order items and have them delivered to their doorsteps, eliminating significant effort. In 2023, according to an article by Oberlo, there are 80 million more digital buyers compared to 2022. Along with this growth, e-commerce stores have seen massive saturation in various niches. However, not many brands were able to succeed. Why? Because they failed to build an online store that effectively encourages users to make purchases. Think of it like a physical store such as Walmart, where they strategically design the layout to influence customer behavior by not having an exit next to the entry point and placing toys and candies within children’s reach. Similarly, your online store should create an impact that guides users where you want them to be.


Today, we’ll talk about some of the most important features that you can implement in your online store, potentially increasing your conversion rate and putting you ahead of your competitors.


Having a Search bar

Having an efficient search bar on your e-commerce website can significantly increase your chances of making sales. Research shows that users who utilize the search bar are 7-10 times more likely to purchase and spend 2.6 times more than non-search users. Implementing a prominent and user-friendly search bar with features like autocomplete suggestions and search filters enhances visibility and helps customers find what they’re looking for quickly. I often see search bars that are rather frustrating because while searching for a product, they show me articles and useless pages that I don’t need.


It’s important to add a search bar that can help users find what they are looking for by asking them and showing results afterward, rather than throwing everything it finds in the directory.


By providing a seamless search experience, you can boost conversions and revenue, gaining an advantage over competitors in the highly competitive e-commerce market.


Product Videos

Nothing can be compared to the power of videos when marketing a product in 2023, Use interactive product videos, which can provide a better look and feel of your product. Add video or image reviews on product pages to eliminate uncertainty in visitors’ minds about the product’s size, color, or functionality. Focus on visuals more than anything, people are less likely to read your page than skim it, which is why videos and images can be a major reason for conversions.


The use of technologies like AR, VR, and 360-degree videos can further enhance engagement and, lead to better results and ROI.


FAQ Section

Just as you see salesmen around you in a physical store, FAQs can be your salesperson by answering some of the common concerns users have regarding your product, and adding faqs on every product page which can clear visitor’s doubts. Try to only add relevant info to the product, I’m not interested in listening to the founder’s journey on a product page when all I want is to know about the material or fabric of the product so keep it short and simple.


Using FAQs can create a valuable resource that supports decision-making, adds credibility to your brand, and enables a positive relationship with your customers.


Trust Indicators

Using trust indicators on your e-commerce website like displaying trust badges, can very much increase the chances of making a sale. Trust indicators build confidence in your website’s credibility. When potential customers see trust badges from reputed sources, they feel more assured about the safety of their personal information.


You will be asking buyers for their card information, it’s understandable that they may be hesitant to share it with a brand they barely know. However, using badges that appear trustworthy can help put their mind at ease and increase their sense of security. This can ultimately result in fewer hesitations when making a purchase and higher conversion rates.


Clear Shipping, Exchange, and Return Information:

In our e-commerce marketing agency, Ecommerce Revolt, we start looking at an e-commerce website with the following approach: “Imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. If you feel a sense of doubt, it means no one will buy your product.”


The idea behind this is to create ease for the customer by being honest and open about your shipping rates, return policy, or exchange policy, which is another major factor in building trust. You need to be clear about these policies so that nobody likes being on the last page of checkout and finding out some hidden charges, leading to an abandoned cart and potential loss of sales.


Waiting Lists and Wishlists

Waiting lists and wishlists in an e-commerce website is a valuable sales tools. Customers will be able to easily sign up for a waitlist to receive an email notification when out-of-stock products are available which creates a sense of urgency. This approach stimulates interest, encourages prompt purchases upon restocking, and enhances customer experience.


Plugins like WooCommerce Waitlist or specialized apps can efficiently manage these features, saving sales, reducing inquiries, and improving overall satisfaction. Properly handling out-of-stock situations ensures website traffic, maintains rankings, and continues generating revenue for e-commerce businesses in 2023.


Feature 7: Multiple Payment Methods

Offering diverse payment methods is a must in e-commerce as it serves different customer preferences and significantly impacts conversion rates. When people encounter limited payment options at the checkout page, they may abandon their carts due to inconvenience. According to this article by Hotjar, an alarming 70% of shoppers abandon their carts on the checkout page.


Providing multiple options like, Pay Later (BNPL), E-Wallets, and local payment solutions can help improve the overall payment experience.


Understanding preferred payment methods by country and demographic is essential for optimizing checkout. When you offer a range of reliable payment options, businesses can increase their chances of converting visitors into happy customers, reducing cart abandonment.


Clear Contact Information:

Display easily accessible contact details, such as phone numbers and email addresses, so customers can reach your support team whenever they have questions or concerns about products or orders.


Multilingual Options:

Consider offering multilingual support to cater to customers from other regions. A multilingual website enhances user experience, expands your reach, and can positively impact SEO by attracting more traffic from different language-speaking audiences.




Last, simplicity – not just as a feature but as an overall feel. Avoid cluttering your pages with unnecessary information, and provide customers with a place to rest their eyes. Your content should be precise and to the point, avoiding marketing jargon and speaking directly to potential buyers. Ensure seamless navigation, providing a clear route to follow instead of a jungle of links.


Make it easy for them to skim your pages, as most people prefer to scan content first. Just like how you checked the table of contents before reading this article – a great way to make your site skimmable.


Wrap Up

Using these features on your website can drastically improve your conversions, but they are not the only ones. Every brand has a different story, which is why your website might need a unique treatment.

But don’t worry, Ecommerce Revolt is always available to help you elevate your online presence. Book a short call or simply ask for a FREE website and marketing review.

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